Readings Offered

There are many different readings available that can assist you. Depending on how much information you are looking for, there are options from the very simple to the much more complex. No matter the number of cards in the chosen spread, I am very detailed and thoroughly explain each card and how it applies to your particular situation.

I also use candles, crystals, and oils appropriate to the type of reading being performed. It helps me to focus and connect with the issue at hand. I always use significator cards …that’s the card that represents you, the querent, (or in relationship readings, your love interest too!) Your card is determined by astrological sign and age, or physical appearance. This information will be requested upon ordering.

2 Card Spread: Recommended for: Quick reading! The first card representing what you need to leave behind/worry less over. Card 2 signifying where you must put your focus. Brief description of each.

Yes/No Spread (5 Card):  Recommended for: A straightforward answer to a question. All cards pulled are briefly examined as they always carry additional messages related to the question.

3 Card Spread:  Recommended for: Past/Present/Future?

5 Card Spread:  Recommended for: Daily readings and predictions. Long & short term advice.

Horseshoe Spread (7 Card):  Recommended for: More specific questions, examining a situation’s outcome.

The Celtic Cross (10 Card):  Recommended for: Identifying a problem and giving insight on its final resolve. This reading will, no doubt, help you get to know yourself and advise you to make the best choices that will benefit you, or guide you on what is best to avoid.

Full Relationship Reading (10 Card): Recommended for: Those feeling unsure about the relationship they’re in- positive or negative. What will the next stage be? What is the general outlook for the both of you?

Birthday/Yearly Forecast (13 Card):  Recommended for: Birthday, New Year’s, or planning any significant event in the next 12 months. The yearly forecast explains the tone and energy of each month (and overall, the year), starting with the current month; It’s incredibly helpful in preparing oneself for the year ahead! Can be done at anytime, or gifted for another.

Full Moon Reading:  Starting with 3-4 cards, this reading is done under a full moon for deeper clarity. All cards and crystals are cleansed by the moon each month and with this cleansing, stale energy is cleared out for new! While a reading can always be performed at any time, the full moon is optimal, especially for any tough inquiries.

Don’t see the reading you want here? Contact me for a custom spread, or if you have any questions on which spread would work best for your inquiry!