Tarot FAQ

Why Should I get a Reading?

A reading is great for figuring out the next step. If you’re struggling with a lack of direction, or even overwhelmed by too many choices, Tarot readings are effective in pointing out your strengths and providing a deeper look at the paths ahead of you.

Readings are great during/surrounding significant events that mark new phases in your life. Think: Birthday, New Year, Wedding, Break-up or Divorce, Starting a new career, Moving to a new city, Starting school, and more.

It’s also useful in seeing what’s to come, or better yet, what’s possible! While I don’t regard Tarot as a psychic tool, pay attention to the specific set of cards in your chosen spread because they always carry a message, or a potential outcome. For example, in a reading focusing on finances, there may be helpful hints in the cards revealing skills the querent should focus on honing, behaviors that need to change, and career prospects and opportunities that they need to watch out for.

My favorite use for Tarot is gaining insight on myself and my own patterns in life. Gaining new perspective on past situations, conflicts, and relationships is always helpful in better knowing myself, and what decisions have gotten me to where I am today. If I want to change something, where do I have to start in order to make improvements?

Tarot provides this guidance.

What’s the benefit of a remote reading?

Your reading will be fully transcribed and you’ll have a copy to look over at your leisure. One thing I especially take pride in is my availability to my clients. If there’s questions, I’m always here to chat…even if it’s weeks later! There’s no additional charge, or “per minute” rate like you’d find with some in-person meetings. I always welcome comments, thoughts, and I love updates!

What happens once I place my order?

If not already provided, I will request more information from you regarding your inquiry. I will also ask for your age and astrological sign.

You will receive confirmation immediately and your reading will be delivered within 12-48 hours. If you need your reading sooner, please let me know as I’m sure we can work something out that best suits your schedule and mine.

What if I don’t like what the cards say/none of the outcomes are positive? Can I get a refund?

A Tarot reading can sometimes be a glimpse of what the results could be if certain changes are not made – whether that be taking responsibility for your own actions, or finally doing what’s in your best interest to ensure you live the life you want. Take it as your spirit guide looking out for you.

Once an order is submitted, a refund will not be granted. If the wrong reading is ordered, the price of the ordered reading will simply go toward the price of the desired card spread.

Which deck do you use?

I use the traditional Rider-Waite deck.

I don’t want to get a card that frightens me…

This is a very common concern! While most people are excited for a reading, there’s still hesitation, usually due to the much talked about Death card. While it’s certainly unsettling to see as part of your reading, I can assure you, it almost always refers to major changes in the works and new beginnings on the horizon. Tarot is all about symbolism. In order for a new chapter to begin, the previous must close (“die”). Don’t let some of the images or titles worry you!

And of course, I am always available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

How often should I get a reading?

This depends on the answers you’re seeking. If you’re looking for more information on a very specific inquiry, I’d advise having another tarot reading done no sooner than 3 months. You have to give things a chance to unfold naturally, and repeated readings on the same topic can cause a lot of confusion and frustration.

General readings can be done monthly, weekly, or even daily if so desired.